KISS October Newsletter


Keep it Sacred Sister is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization benefiting survivors of sexual abuse.
We've officially launched our online store



KISS launched just a few months ago (July 2020) and it's been a really exciting time so far! Here's what we've accomplished thanks to your support:


KISS Care Kits 

Thanks to your donations, we're sending our first 100 orders of KISS Care Kits! Survivors at One Safe Place (Redding, CA) and Salt & Light Coalition (Chicago, IL) will be receiving a personalized care package with a panty so the ladies know how loved, seen, and believed they are.

This is a victory!


We're Growing!

In just three months of being launched KISS has gained significant ground:

• We've received support from 30+ private donors, donations big and small

• We designed and launched our Sacred Store with 33 products 

• We get 94.7k views on our Pinterest page every month

• We've grown our Instagram following to 150 followers


We're Breaking Stigmas

One of our goals at KISS is to break the stigma women feel sharing their story of abuse. That's why we launched our very own Sacred Stories blog, which highlights a survivor's healing journey, rather than her traumatic story. So far we've told 4 stories, with more on the way!


We've also created 90+ social media posts that encourage our survivor-sisters on social media to focus on their healing journey, rather than trauma, and to keep believing that total healing is possible. 

A Special Note From Our Founder

Dear KISS Supporters, 

Thank you for being part of our growing organization. We're greatly encouraged by our early supporters and first donors. Thank you for believing in our company and taking a chance on us as we step out to fight for survivors. Make sure to check out our Sacred Store and tell your friends about our mission so we can continue to grow!

X, Delfina Ure